Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus YC-81C Massage Electrical stimulation Acupuncture therapy Relax health care

Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus YC-81C Massage Electrical stimulation Acupuncture therapy Relax health care

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List Price: US $129.00
Price: US $103.20
You save: US $25.80 (20%)
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Massage & Relaxation
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Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
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     Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus YC-81C Massage Electrical stimulation Acupuncture therapy Relax health care  






Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus (YC-81C)

Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus YC-81c Product introduction:
Xiaohuatuo Microcomputer Therapy Apparatus Model YC-8. 1C
Model YC-81C is one of the low frequency therapeutic apparatus in the market, with the most complete functions and the best therapeutic means. Using AC power, it has multi-functions: Acupuncture, massage, foot sole acupuncture, auricle acupuncture, acupuncture point magnetic therapy, ear-clamp acupuncture, etc. Package contains one main device, output line and input line, 2 conductive acupuncture electrodes, 4 conductive pasterns, 1 pair of foot acupunctue cushions, a pair of ear acupuncture nips, direction books. Technical Specifications
Model No.: YC-8. 1C
Working wavelength: Low frequency double pulse wave length.
Frequency range: 0-300HZ
Power adjustment: Start from 0, gradually increase.
Power source: 2 AA bateries(bateries are not included).
Timer: 10 minutes, 20 minutes.
Therapy methods: "Acupuncture", "Massage", "Feet Therapy", "Ear-acupoint Therapy".
Power consumption: Two AA bateries should last approximately one month using "Massage" method three times a day, 10 minutes each time. Therapy Functions
1. Foot Therapy
Through Stimulation of acupuncture and massage on sole of the foot corresponding to the various parts of the body, the stimulation is reflected via channels and collaterals to related parts, adjusting the function of the whole body, treating the pathological changes of the tissues, organs and viscera, the apparatus achieves the effect of disease preventing and curing, thus keeps your body in good health.

 2. Acupuncture:
Adhere the self-adhesive-pads to acupuncture points to dredge the meridian and collateral, adjust and replenish Qi and blood, balance Yi-Ying, treat and prevent the various deficiencies and disorders.

 3. Body Massage:
Apply to meridian channels associated acupuncture points to regulate the function of nervous system and other internal organs, to improve the blood circulation and lymphocinesia, to prevent muscular atrophy and stiffness. 

4. Keeping Fit:
Attach the Self-adhesive-pads to the belly, hips, buttocks and arms to absorb and digest fatty tissue. Long term usage will lead to the fine-tuning of the muscles keeping the body in good shape and good health. 

5. Beauty:
The therapy apparatus massages the facial muscles and stimulates blood circulation hence improving the nutrient condition of skin cells. This helps to keep skin looking young and healthy. 6. Ear Needle:
The special Ear-needle-pads automatically search for all physiologically important ear-points and thereby regulate the various functions of internal organs. 

7. Daily Care:
Especially for those people who are suffering from back pain, sore shoulder, stiff neck and leg spasm, ten minutes of massage a day can help to relieve muscular pain. Simply applying the self-adhesive-pads to acupuncture point, or a reflection area for certain organs, the microcomputer therapy apparatus gives you the same effect of Chinese acupuncture and massage therapy. Therefore it regulates the physiological activity of the meridian channels and collateral, by balancing the "Yin and Yang", adjusting the "Qi and blood" and preventing pathological changes. It provides effective treatment and prevention of commonly encountered disorders.





Expert review
Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus YC-81C Massage Electrical stimulation Acupuncture therapy Relax health care.
Review by: Rony M.
I have to agree I’m a problematic consumer.

Having been engaged in the notion of online shopping for quite a long time already, I still can’t repel a persistent idea that the item I’ve properly purchased with my own fairly earned gold will be sent to me several weeks after processing the payment. Or it will be given in due time but the utilization will give rise to a strange rash on my skin. Or I will have to fight a never-ending strange smell that stays for weeks and accompanies me and my relatives any place we go. Or it will even fall apart in my hands making me taken aback, burned-out, and dummied up, which is peculiarly terrifying when the product was acquired with an intention to be used as a souvenir or stuff like that.

So I reckon it’s not that difficult to deduce how tremendously triumphant and joyous I felt to witness the Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus YC-81C Massage Electrical stimulation Acupuncture therapy Relax health care I purchasef online was delivered in my hands mere 19 days after the payment transaction. It wasn’t busted or faulty or anything, it was packaged in a neat way, and following an all-embracing check it looks like the product is functioning well, just as designed. It looks awesome, it smells right, it feels pleasant, so, on the whole, the sum I paid didn’t go to no purpose.

Had it not been obtained as a souvenir, I would instantly find Microcomputer Therapeutic Apparatus YC-81C Massage Electrical stimulation Acupuncture therapy Relax health care a desired use in my own apartment though I assume it is just an awesome reason to acquirea new one one day in perspective.

And of course, it’s more than essential to acknowledge that thecost is really sensible, and the purchasing, after all, illustrates best value for money. I’m grateful to the seller!
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To my great joy, the item exceeded all my expectations and happened to be a tremendous possession.
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